Your solar status is not currently available

Unavailable Status

What does it mean?

An assessment of the performance of your system cannot currently be made with the data available.

There may be different reasons for this depending on whether this is the first status you received or if it has recently appeared.

My status used to be green or amber, but is now unavailable.

If your status has changed from Green or Amber to Unavailable, one of the following could be a reason for why this has occurred:

  • Missing data - Normally we receive data daily from the distributor about your energy use, but we may not have received it for the last 5 days. Once this data is provided, your status should be updated.
  • Increased energy consumption - In the instance of high and inconsistent energy consumption it can be hard to determine the solar energy production, which will result in the Unavailable status. Recent data may show a substantial increase in the energy consumption in your household. This could be due to things like new appliances or having more people in the home.
  • Installing a solar battery - The installation of a solar battery will also inhibit us from estimating your solar energy production. If you have installed a battery, we are no longer able to provide you with the Solar Command Check service.

Unavailable is the first status I received.

If you have logged in for the first time and you see the Unavailable status, this could be related to:

  • You have a solar battery - If you have a solar battery installed, we are unable to estimate the amount of solar your system is producing and therefore unable to provide a system status.
  • No solar export - if you use all the solar energy produced from your system plus draw energy from the grid, we will be unable to determine the amount of solar energy your system is producing and will therefore be unable to provide a system status.