Your system is producing solar energy

Green Status

What does it mean?

A green status indicates that your system is currently producing solar energy (based on the average of the last 30 days of data) but it may not be performing as well as it could. But with proper care and maintenance you can maximise your solar investment.

To calculate your system status we take into account your system details and net export and import energy data from your homes smart meter for the last 30 days. We then continuously run this through patented algorithms and other reference data sets to provide you with a daily view of how your system has performed over the last 30 days, in comparison to how we would expect.

If your system suddenly stops producing energy, for example if the system is turned off, you will see a change in your system status from green to amber within the next 30 days.

The Clean Energy Council suggests that owners of solar PV systems learn basic safe operation and take responsibility for proper system maintenance. Your installer should provide a maintenance schedule to help you with this. Maintenance is necessary to ensure:

  • The system is operating correctly
  • Its performance is maintained
  • It's safe for everyone in the premises and for any electrical workers working on the distribution network

But there are many more benefits to regular maintenance of your solar system, including:

  • Lifespan - you'll preserve system functionality and overall performance for a longer lifespan
  • Safety - you'll detect faults, damage and safety issues which will minimise the risk of electrocution and fires
  • Savings - you'll ensure maximum output which can lead to lower electricity bills
  • Investment maintenance - this helps to safeguard against future mechanical problems, extending the life of your system.

Always engage a qualified tradesperson to take on the maintenance of your solar PV system.

Learn more about how we calculate your system status.

Want to learn more?

Solar Command Check is a free service and is an estimate of the health of your system based on the information you provided, your home's smart meter data and other reference data sets. If you are after a more accurate view of your system performance, AGL offers a comprehensive monitoring service, Solar Command, to provide you with more details about your system performance and loads of other great features including estimated savings and graphs of real time solar energy production and household consumption.

Read about our Solar Command monitoring service at or call 1300 377 118 to subscribe.