About Solar Command Check

+ Why does it take up to 24 hours to get my solar status?

It can take up to 24 hours because once you register and provide your system details, we need to access your home's smart meter data for the last 30 days, then run this through patented algorithms, along with other reference sets, to determine your solar status. We'll then update this daily to keep you informed.

+ How do I unsubscribe from the Solar Command Check service?

Call 131 456 and speak to one of our friendly service agents to unsubscribe from the Solar Command Check service.

+ What if I can't answer all the questions about system size, number of panels and year of install?

We need all three pieces of information to perform an assessment on your solar production.

Start by checking your installation paperwork for the details, or contacting your installer. You can also check the number of panels by simply counting them safely from ground level.

It's important to confirm panel size, as they can range from 150W to 350W depending on when you had them installed. The year of install is also important because panel efficiency naturally degrades over time and we consider this in our performance calculation. And panel performance has improved over the years.

+ How important is year of install to the calculated status?

The year of install is important because panel performance has improved over the years, so panels bought today give slightly better performance than panels bought 10 years ago. If you don't provide an accurate year of installation, we might overestimate or underestimate your solar production forecast and provide an incorrect indication of your solar production performance.

+ How is system status calculated?

To calculate your system status we take into account your system details (system size, number of panels and year of installation) and your net import and export energy data from your homeís smart meter for the last 30 days. We then continuously run this data through patented algorithms and other reference data sets to provide you with an estimate of how your system has been performing for the last 30 days in comparison to how we would expect.

+ What should I do if I have an amber status?

An amber status means your system is producing a lot less energy than we expect and there may be a problem with your system fault. There could be several reasons for this, so we've provided this useful guide with steps to identify and resolve any faults.

Once a fault is resolved, you may still see the amber status for up to 30 days as your data continues to be processed.

+ What is the difference between Solar Command Check and Solar Command?

Solar Command Check is a daily update, based on your home's smart meter data for the previous 30 days, to let you know if your system is producing solar energy or if we think there might be a problem. To do this we estimate your solar energy production, compare it against expected production for a system of your size, age, location, and provide an indication of its performance.

This is only an estimate due to the limited amount of information we have about your system.

Solar Command is a real time solar monitoring subscription service. It remotely monitors your system's energy production and household energy consumption, calculates your estimated savings, shows how much solar or grid energy you used, and provides this all via a personalised dashboard. If you subscribe to Solar Command, AGL installs a device on your switchboard to read and record the data required to provide you with this insight.

Details about Solar Command can be found at https://aglsolar.com.au/solar-system-monitoring/.

+ Do I need Solar Command Check as well as Solar Command?

If you have Solar Command you don't need Solar Command Check. You can see your system status in the top left corner of the Solar Command screen when you log into the Solar Command portal.

With a Solar Command subscription, you also have access to data and graphs showing your energy production, household consumption and estimated savings so you can maximise the use of your solar energy and be assured it's working effectively.

+ My solar system was recently turned off, so why do I have a green status?

Your system status is based on the last 30 days of data from your home's smart meter and other reference data. This means if there is a substantial change in the smart meter data, such as your solar system being turned off, this will take up to 30 days to be reflected in the system status.

For a more accurate view of your solar system production and household energy consumption, take a look at our Solar Command service at https://aglsolar.com.au/solar-system-monitoring/ or call 1300 377 118 to subscribe.

+ One or more of my panels was recently damaged, but my status is still green?

If any of your panels are damaged, we recommend you contact a professional installer to investigate, as this may impact the current and future efficiency of your system.

Depending on the loss of solar production, you may continue to see a green status ongoing or for up to 30 days. This is due to the algorithms that drive the calculation of the daily status using the last 30 days of data to help identify ongoing system performance issues (rather than temporary variations).

+ Why has my status not been updated for a few days?

Electricity distributors are responsible for providing smart meter data to the retailer. If an issue or delay in accessing the data from your smart meter occurs, they cannot provide AGL with updated readings. In this case, we cannot provide an up to date system status, and we will show the status and date when we last received data.

This may occur intermittently but once we receive data your system status will be updated.

+ Why am I seeing the sign up banner when I have already registered?

If you enter the incorrect number of panels for the system size (or vice versa) we will be unable to validate your registration and you'll the sign up banner again. But donít worry, just check your system details and try again.