There could be a problem with your system

Amber Status

What does it mean?

An amber status means your system appears to be producing less energy than expected (based on your data for the last 30 days). Without addressing the reasons for the less than expected energy production, you may continue to see an amber status.

Once you have addressed the cause of the problem, you may continue to see an amber status for up to 30 days as your data continues to be processed.

The service is an estimate of the health of your system based on the information available, so we may not always get it right. In some cases, you may see an Amber status without there being a problem with the system, for example if your home has a very large electricity consumption and there is a minimal amount of solar energy exported.

Click here for more information on how we calculate the system status.

What should I do?

There are many reasons your solar system might not be performing as expected, some of which can be solved without a technician.

First, ask yourself these five questions:

+ Have you provided us with correct details of your solar system?

Inaccurate system information is one of the most common reasons for system monitoring to indicate poor performance.

We require accurate information for the following to calculate your system status:

  1. Size of system (in kW)
  2. Number of panels
  3. Year of installation

Whilst we do not currently have an option for you to update system details, this feature is being developed and will be coming soon.

+ Is there a problem with your inverter?

Have a close look at your inverter. If any error messages are displayed, refer to the inverter instruction manual for advice on next steps.

+ Has there been any change to the shading on the solar panels?

Tree growth or new physical structures could be casting shadows. Tree growth can be easily solved with trimming, but if physical structures are causing shading you may need to consider moving or re-orienting your panels - which must be carried out by a professional installer.

Contact your original system installer or an approved professional to carry out this work.

+ Has recent weather events damaged your solar panels, or caused dirt or debris to build up on them?

According to the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA), solar energy output will decline around 10% due to build-up of dirt, dust, and other residue and around 15-20% in areas where bird droppings and urban pollution are common. Strong weather conditions can also deteriorate panels quicker than normal conditions.

Clear any dirt and debris if you can do so safely, otherwise contact your solar system supplier or an approved professional to do this. Annual or bi-annual cleaning of panel surfaces (or more regularly if you live in areas with high pollution) should reduce these efficiency losses.

+ Has your solar system gone without routine maintenance for a year or more?

We recommend annual routine maintenance of your system by your solar system provider (if you entered into a maintenance contract) or alternatively, by a professional solar installer.

Still not performing? You may need a professional to investigate.

The solar panels themselves may be working as expected. However, other issues can occur, unrelated to panel performance including:

  • Deterioration of cable insulation over time
  • Failure of defective components
  • Components filling with water
  • Corrosion
  • Animals chewing on cables
  • Damage from natural disasters
  • Damage from home renovations
  • Incorrect installations
  • Incorrect system design

Contact your original installer or an approved professional to investigate further.

Locating a technician

+ If your system is still under express manufacturer's or supplier's warranty

In the first instance, we suggest contacting your original supplier / installer, keeping your installation paperwork and warranty handy for quoting. If your system was supplied and installed by AGL, please call our customer service team on 1300 356 363.

+ If your system is no longer under express manufacturer's or supplier's warranty

You have a few options in this instance:

  • You can contact your original supplier/installer;
  • A list of Clean Energy Council accredited technicians can be found here; or

We note that in some cases you might have rights under the Australian Consumer Law in addition to any express warranty.

Want to see more?

Solar Command Check is a free service and is an estimate of the health of your system based on the information you provided, your smart meter data and other reference data sets. It is only an estimate due to the limited amount of information we have about your system.

For a more accurate view of your system performance, using new technology, and loads of other great features including estimated savings and graphs of real time solar energy production and household consumption, read about our Solar Command monitoring service at or call 1300 377 118 to subscribe.